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Well this week’s browsing of shop goodwill online was a challenge.  Some weeks you win, some weeks you lose.  I lost this week.  The pickings were slim and the prices were high.  Since the weather has cooled a bit, blankets and throws seem to be on my mind.    Here are a few Pendleton blankets I am watching:

Pendleton Beaver State Circle of Life Wool Blanket

6 days left and $18 currently

Pendleton Beaver State Southwestern Style Blanket

6 days left and $23 currently

Pendleton Beaver State Chief Joseph Blanket

6 days left and $31 currently

Okay, that is it for Pendleton blankets right now.  If you pick one up, bring it to our marshmallow roast!

There is one thing on Shop Goodwill that I am lusting over.  Take a look:

Newcomb College Ceramic Vase c.1917

This vase has 1 day left and is currently over $2000!

Newcomb College Pottery History

Well, I am pretty sure that the vase is NOT in my future.  Take care and talk soon.


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4 Responses to Shopping Goodwill Online Again!

  1. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    Cathy, you are amazingly talented and creative!!! I’m amazed at what you do both on-screen (technologically) and off-screen (hands on creative). You are absolutely inspiring! Good luck on the Pendleton blankets!

    Your uncreative and technologically challenged sister-in-law. Love you!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m inspired to start trolling Shop Goodwill now! Do you think the Pendleton blankets will stay at such low prices, or will they spike towards the end of the bidding period?

  3. catherine says:

    they are running between 30-70 right now with two days left. There were more. I will email you my login.

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