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I spent the weekend on my own, as Randy was traveling.  I enjoyed the solitude and spent my time playing with leather.  I also may have watched some football.  My team didn’t win and the boys team had a Saturday off, so I watched the Texas-OSU game.  It was a heartbreaker.  No, I do not know when I became a football fan.  Maybe when I realized you could sit for hours and sometimes nap through the games!

The first thing I played with this weekend was wallets.  I cut out three, stained them, let them dry and then added a finish coat.  Here is how the leather looked when I was finished:

Now I need to sew them up.  Haven’t decided if I want to sew by hand or by machine.  Might just try both methods.

My middle son said he would love a new wallet.  We figured out that he really didn’t want the type I was currently making.  So I took some leather, wet it down and molded it over a stack of credit cards.  Here is a poor picture of my effort:

Hopefully, I will be able to make a wallet that has room for more cards and money out of this.  Haven’t stained or top coated this yet.  It is still drying out.  Because I am a jack of all trades, I will try anything once.  The good news is that I am not above throwing the “it didn’t work” items in the trash!

Okay, last leather experiment up next.  On this one, I used a tape resist and painted LUMI dye on the leather.  This is a dye that uses the sun to develop the color.  I was “killing two birds with one stone” on this one.  I had been wanting to play with Lumi for weeks and this was the first chance I had.  I had absolutely no idea if one could use it on leather.  This piece of leather has been top coated.

I haven’t decided if this will become a wallet or a trash can artifact.  I do know I want to play with Lumi and leather further.

My hands took a beating with all the dyeing.  I wore gloves, but alas they failed me.  Here is a picture of my “tan dye polish” manicure.  You might want to cover your eyes if you are squeamish.

Okay all, that about wraps up another thrilling weekend for me.  I will leave you with the sunsets I enjoyed this weekend.



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4 Responses to Sunsets, Leather, Wallets and Fingernails

  1. Mary Jean says:

    Ray may need to “borrow” your sky for his landscape paintings. They are gorgeous!

  2. catherine says:

    I have them. I took them with Randy’s i phone!

  3. me says:

    I have a piece of leather at home. You just gave me a great idea what to do with it….

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