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Shop Goodwill hasn’t disappeared from the Wednesday lineup.  It will return for a strangely scheduled appearance on Friday.

Today’s blog post is pretty blah.  I am just not feeling it.  However, I know my two readers (thanks MJ and Charlotte) will be waiting with baited breath (figure of speech girls) to see what fabulous things I have to say. So, without further ado let me introduce you to two leather wallets I fiddled with this weekend:

Wallet one is a hand stitched, two pocket version.  On this gorgeous (I jest) boy, I used a button stud closure.  My son Patrick took this one, as it was a “learner” wallet.


The second wallet is a machine stitched two pocket with a strap to hold it closed.  It too is a “learner” wallet.  I have SO much too learn!  These pictures are darker then the actual wallet.




Okay, that was about all I could muster!  I will leave you with a picture of last night’s sunset.  Enjoy.


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4 Responses to A Woefully Underwhelming Blog Post About Wallets

  1. MJ says:

    The wallets are very cute! Funny, I really do have “baited breath!” I heard on Fresh Air how if you included anchovies in your beef stew you would never taste them and it would “punch” your beef stew to a new level of yumminess. They lied! That’s all I’m going to say. Eeeeww.

  2. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    I was waiting with baited breath and will look forward to Friday’s blog!!!

  3. Hi Cathy!

    Not MJ or Charlotte…you can put me down for reader #3! Haha.

    I understand sometimes not having the blogging feeling. I have to give you kudos, though, for mustering something out. I usually just do nothing. That was last week. I let my 55 hour work week take me off blogging course…haha. Enough of the excuses! Hats off to you!

    Reader #3,

  4. catherine says:

    Thanks Anna! This made my day.

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