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Okay, let’s put this trip to bed, shall we?  When I last posted we were just back from our annual Thanksgiving trek to Kansas City.  This year we were excited that Emily’s boyfriend, Mills, was able to join us.  It is a bit bittersweet (as are so many things in life) in that they will head to Michigan to visit Mills’ family for Christmas.  SO, we had to make the trip memorable.  Hopefully we did, but Mills might need to join Voight-anon, which is the corollary to Willett Anon, a group for those married to or involved with the Willett family!

On Friday, we shopped the PLAZA.  Everyone picked up a few articles of clothing, shoes and nickknacks.  By noon we were done!

The Beautiful Country Club Plaza

Here is a close up of the Boar statue or as we call them RAZORBACKS:

Replica of Bellini 1857 of “The Wild Boar of Venice”

And everyone (except possibly those that worry about germs) that walks by the boar, rubs his nose and that it why it stays polished.

Everyone headed to Charlotte’s for yet another fabulous meal.  Our boys were headed back early for the BEDLAM game, so we gathered mid-afternoon.

Saturday had us headed to the Belger Arts Center to see the Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis exhibit.  Here are Emily and Mills on our visit:

Emily and Mills at the Belger Arts Center

Because it was a random Saturday when we visited, Mo took us on a private tour!  We were also able to see the break room where this guy lives:

The “fake” guy statue at the Belger Arts Center

I am sure the fake guy has a name, but alas, I do not know it!

We also got to see this guy:

My next husband?

And these fabulous teapots made by ceramics student at the Kansas City Art Instute:

Teapots and Tiffany

After the art gallery, we headed back to Lake Quivira and celebrated the recent marriage of Jean and Peter.  Pat and Martha served up yet another wonderful meal, this time barbeque!  I tried to take pictures, but by now, people were on to me!

Please do not take anymore pictures!

Sunday was more of the same, eating and visiting and then sleeping.  Emily and Mills had to leave for the airport at 4:30 freaking a.m. to catch an early flight home on Monday morning.

Well, in a HUGE nutshell, that was our trip.  I will leave you with two random pictures from the brewery tour.  I am not sure what is going on in these pictures!  The eyes look dangerous and James is emulating the “fake guy” look.  I think he nailed it.

It is all about the beer

Talk soon, shall we?

Fill me in on what is going on in your life.


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2 Responses to The Continuing Saga of Our Six Days in Kansas City for Thanksgiving..Eat, Drink, Visit, Sleep and Repeat

  1. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    It was absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving ever!!

  2. James says:

    Looks like a great time had by all

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