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Wow, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving trip to Kansas City, Missouri or as some call it “Paris of the Plains“.  All I can say is that we had the best time and spent it eating, drinking, visiting, shopping and much more.  We were able to visit with 9 of the 11 (if I counted correctly) grandchildren of Mimi and Pops.  Such a wonderful group of young adults.  I have absolutely no concerns that the world will be a better place with these capable kids at the helm.

Actually, our trip started with a quick trip to Fayetteville.  We met with our future contractor to start the process of remodeling the house there.  We also were able to grab a quick pizza with Mary Jean and Ray.  After that, we did a walk around the Square to see the lights.  In addition to the wonderful lighting display, there were camels, ponies, reindeer and a razorback or two!  Such a beautiful Christmas display to start off our holiday season.

We got to Kansas City in the early evening.  After checking into our favorite hotel on the Plaza, Randy and I headed out for another meal.  Emily and Mills were flying in around midnight, so Charlotte came to the hotel early for a visit.  Luckily, for me, Randy and Charlotte did the airport run.  After the kids arrived, we visited for a few minutes and then we all called it a night.  The boys came in the next morning, so we had everyone there, which was so wonderful.  Of course, no visit to Kansas City is complete without a Boulevard Brewery tour.

Mills’ introduction to Kansas City

More from the tour

I am pretty sure the tour was the highlight for my kids!

We also managed to have two great meals on Wednesday.  Here are some pictures from our outdoor dining, in November, on the Plaza:

Aunt Charlotte with lovely Annie from San Diego

Yep, we got Nick’s picture alongside Emily and Patrick

Randy, Emily and more!

Rod and Becke

Christian, James and Randy

Wednesday night we all went out to eat AGAIN and then some of us headed to the hotel to try out some New York Apple Whiskey.  Emily brought it to me from DC.  I think everyone agreed that it was a wonderful sipping whiskey.

Thursday dawned and we did what most everyone did on Thanksgiving.  We headed out to Lake Quivera where Pat and Martha had prepared a wonderful meal of turkey and all the trimmings!  Martha’s mom brought my all time favorite side dish of pea salad.  I was in heaven.  After a great day with friends, family and a few people we didn’t know, we all headed back to the Plaza for the lighting ceremony.

Plaza Lights

More Plaza Lights

Lights and fireworks

The guys favorite part of the Plaza Lights

And then back to our hotel with a great group to eat “Pizza” in the lobby.  It was such a great day.

WELL, that brings us halfway through our trip.  Stay tuned for Monday’s post on the next 3 days.  I would add it to this post, but to be perfectly honest, I am whipped.  This blogging stuff can really take its toll on me!  Somedays, works sounds so much easier than blogging!  You think I am kidding?  I am not kidding.  In fact, I would be happy to have any of you do guest posts.  MJ and EV, I might be talking to you!  Or, I might be talking to the one headed to Austria this weekend.  Just think of the pictures he could post…. Just saying.

Let me know how your holiday went if you weren’t with us!

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3 Responses to Our Six Days in Kansas City for Thanksgiving..Eat, Drink, Visit, Sleep and Repeat

  1. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    What a great summary of our first days of the Thanksgiving holiday!!! You captured everything so well – I’m anxiously awaiting the next post about the rest of our holiday. It truly was the most wonderful Thanksgiving I’ve ever had!

  2. Christian Liddeke says:

    I love the coverage of our Thanksgiving and appreciate the confidence you have in the next generation’s leadership! It was a pleasure seeing the entire Voight family and I will look forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks.

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