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Hey all, so nice to see you.  Things are kind of disquieting in my world.  But what the heck, let’s go with the good stuff, shall we?  I celebrated my blank birthday yesterday.  The partying actually happened over the weekend.  My sister and sister-in-law came to Tulsa to visit us.  We had a great time eating, drinking, talking, laughing and crying.  I love those kind of weekends.

The ladies came calling with gifts for all.  Here are two of my favorites:

Completely Devoured the Christopher Elbow Toffee

Completely Devoured the Christopher Elbow Toffee


Rookwood MUG

Rookwood MUG

There was also wonderful smoked salmon and maple cookies from Emily and ginger cookies from MJ.  We also made sure to grab some barbeque for one meal and chinese for another.   I just mentioned the food highlights, but there might also have been chili and guacomole.  Oh the decadence was fabulous.

Moving on, I read the other day that we are all guilty of “wretched excess”.  I can’t speak for the whole world, but I can tell you that my weekend had excesses but not much in the wretched department!

Okay, let’s examine a bit of the metamorphosis of my life. No really, it will be fun.  Below is a picture of my mom as a bride.  Can we all say “ahhhh”?

Patsy's Wedding Day

Patsy’s Wedding Day


Fast forward 10 months and this is my mom with her first child, my oldest brother:

mom and baby

Mom and first born child

Love the dress she is wearing in the picture.  Too bad she wasn’t a packrat.  Now, some of you may recognize my mom as “Mabel” from the header picture.  Mabel was her mother-in-law and my mom was Patsy.  I am just trying to confuse you now.  Stick with me for a few years and it will all become clear.

Fast forward 10 years, 5 babies later and you have:

Cathy's First Birthday

Cathy’s First Birthday

You have to admit Patsy had BEAUTIFUL children.  Why no, I am not biased, why do you ask?  Anyway, you will notice, in black and white, that 1st birthday parties have evolved.  I use evolve because

  1. I am a scientist
  2. It is my blog

But looky there, my three siblings appear very happy and I look befuddled.  This might have been the beginning of the Dirt Hippie or Earth Mother debate. And it is possible that mom and dad were drinking the special cocktail!   Check out this wonderful blog post on a birthday party for a current day affair.  The party theme was “Bright as the sun, our sweet little Finley is turning one”.  I love that idea!  I am certain that my party was meant to be just like that, but probably in black and white.

Well, I am going to leave you with a question.  Have you ever been guilty of throwing a party that might be described as a “wretched excess” ?  If so, was I invited?  Okay, that was two questions instead of one.  I will let it pass since it was my birthday.

Hang in there with me, more to come soon.



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5 Responses to It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To! But I do not want to…

  1. Lisa Six says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! All I can say is I don’t remember throwing a “wretched excess” party. But I bet it was a blast!!! Sure miss you!

  2. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    As the sister-in-law who joined you for your birthday celebration weekend it was wonderful!!! It was only an excess in the amount of love that all of us share for each other!! (Aw, shucks!) Well, and a little bit of chocolate and wine, but it was dark chocolate and red wine, so those are actually health food products.

  3. darci haney says:

    Happy belated birthday!

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