Well, before another day passes, we will have a new President Elect.  Who it might be won’t be known until tomorrow night, but for posterity sake (since this blog is for my dementia years) I wanted to note that I did vote.  I know, if you don’t have a photo it didn’t happen.  So here is my photo:

I indeed voted!

I indeed voted!

In my state, my presidential vote doesn’t really count because we are not a battleground state.  That has pretty much been the case my whole voting life.  I go, I guess, because I can and I should.  Also, there were some state and local races that I definitely wanted to support and some state questions that I cared about.

Anyone looking at my ballot, might conclude that I need to see someone about my mental problems!  I voted so strangely because I have evolved and changed in my thinking throughout my adulthood!  That is the best scenario for aging well; read, learn, listen and grow.  I am all over the place. I kind of hope that, by looking at my ballot choices, I don’t scream “old, retired, white, college educated female of European descent”.

My hope is that tomorrow night brings a close to this crazy 17 month campaign season with a minimum of whiskey drinking!

Happy Election day.



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5 Responses to For Posterity Sake

  1. James Willett says:

    Very well said. And yes I will drink to that

  2. Emily says:

    I will definitely drink to that as well!

  3. catherine says:

    I am thinking Willett Whiskey and a Swisher Sweet! Covers many scenarios.

  4. MJ says:

    Very good commentary. I wish everyone put that much thought into this election!!!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Read, learn, listen and grow. I love it.

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