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Well, February has been fabulous so far!  The weather has been wonderful and we have taken full advantage. Randy and I went to Wilson Park on a gorgeous 70 degree day.  Between the college kids playing frisbee and soccer, we took a walk around the park.





Those trees look like they are ready to dance!

Randy had a birthday and we celebrated in style.  We went out to dinner two nights in a row and had dessert!  Randy also went to a home show and brought home barbecue for our dining pleasure.  We are pretty passionate about our food.      If you know me, I am not a very passionate person.  Must be the down to earth, realist in me.  Other than food, I guess you could say I am passionate about my first cup of coffee everyday, but that might be it!

Speaking of passion, Valentine’s day came the day after Randy’s birthday.  He hit the ball out of the park with his gifts to me!  Since I am not a real “lover” of gifts, I am hard to buy for.  This year, Randy got me the cutest little card from the Fine Art’s department at the U of A.  I loved everything about it!  It was tiny, handcrafted and not a hint of mass production was found.  Here are the pics with a normal size card for scale:

My Valentine card

My Valentine card

Inside Valentine's card

Inside Valentine’s card

He also had a parade in my honor!  Okay, I jest.  The parade was for Mardi Gras and it was wonderful.  We walked the 1/2 block to the parade route and met up with our neighbors.

Randy and our neighbor enjoying the parade

Randy and our neighbor enjoying the parade

Our neighbor Judy enjoying the show

Our neighbor Judy enjoying the show

Friends of ours were on one of the floats as King and Queen of their krewe.  Took me quite a few minutes to recognize them!

Steve and Lisa playing King and Queen!

Steve and Lisa playing King and Queen!  Steve is hiding behind the heart.

And there was music:

Parade music

Parade music

And Roller Derby:

Roller Derby on Parade

Roller Derby on Parade

Cool Trucks:

Great truck

Great trucks

And more:



We finished up the day with a gorgeous sunset:

Valentine Sunset

Valentine Sunset

Well, as I write this post we are experiencing sleet and expecting several inches of snow.  It has been such an easy winter up to this point that I suppose I can handle a short winter storm!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and come visit us!  We are always up for visitors.


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4 Responses to February: Passion and a Parade!

  1. MJ says:

    Next year I’m definitely coming to the parade! And I love, love your card…

  2. James says:

    It is the season for Mardi Gras parades. Looks like you have been having a great time. Now bundle up and enjoy this winter weather. 70 and sunny one day, 18 and snow the next. Did I say “welcome to Arkansas”?

  3. Charlotte says:

    How many parades do you all have every year?? It seems like there’s one about every month. I want to retire and come down and enjoy them with you. Also, I’ll tell Randy about a nice little greeting card company so that he can buy more cards in the future.

    • catherine says:

      Charlotte, there are at least 5 parades that I can think of right off the top of my head! I have heard that there is a greeting card company in KC. Love their cards as well, but this one was pretty special! Come down!

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