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Well, the past week saw busy days for us here in Fayetteville.  School starts tomorrow at the university and 20,000+ students moved into town!  I tell you, this place is hopping! Oh, and the shelves at Target and Wal-Mart are getting very empty.

Randy got enrolled in his two classes as a Senior Razorback!  Enrolling in classes is a bit more confusing than the last time he was in college, but all was good in the end.  He bought his books online through the school bookstore and picked them up today.  He is almost ready for classes to start.  We just have to decide if he wants the “Beatles” lunchbox here or the “Bonanza” one here.  Which do you think would look better on him?

Two of our three kids had birthdays last week.  It is hard to celebrate long distance, but they should be here for the Labor Day weekend!  Randy’s sister is also coming and that is always fun.  We are having a party.  All the cool kids are coming.  Several of the neighbors, that endured the remodeling process, are going to come and take a look at the “finished” house.  Should be a good time.  Luckily for the guests, my brother is cooking the meal.  Cooking just isn’t something I excel at doing.  When I find the THING that I do excel in,  you will be the first to know!

Earlier in the week, we had a water line put in from the meter to the house.  It actually went pretty smoothly and I managed to grab a shot before they buried it.

New water line

New water line

Now, if we can just get some grass installed, life would be lovely.

Well, you cannot live in Fayetteville without being exposed to great music.  This weekend was the “Roots Festival” and there were musicians playing all over town.  I managed to get a shot of one young lady performing at the farmers’ market.

Music on the square

Music on the square

I really enjoyed her music and loved her boots!  Last night we sat on the deck and listened to Candy Lee and the Sweets play at Kingfish.  That was fun.  Speaking of fun, we spent Saturday morning at the farmers’ market.  We always try to walk up there every weekend to check out the people.

Saturday morning at the farmers' market

Saturday morning at the farmers’ market

more famers' market

more famers’ market

Well, that wraps up another fascinating edition of life in Fayetteville.  Hope everyone has a great week and Labor Day weekend.  Check back next week to see how we are faring.  As always, I love comments and don’t forget to vote for Randy’s lunchbox!

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9 Responses to Busy Days In Fayetteville…

  1. Emily says:

    I vote for the Beatles (mainly because I don’t know what Bonanza is). Also, I can’t wait for this little shindig and to see all the landscaping! Counting down the days!

  2. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    I have known Randy for 58 years. I’ll bet that’s longer than anyone else reading this blog. So, my vote should count double and I’m voting for the Beatles lunchbox. I just wish I still had my white plastic Beatles three ring binder and/or my Beatles charm bracelet. It was a lovely fake gold with their hair painted black, but I wore it so much that the black paint chipped off. If the lunch box is worth almost three hundred dollars, I can only imagine what my notebook and bracelet would be worth! (I felt so old when Emily said she didn’t know about Bonanza! I can hear the music playing in my head right now!!)

  3. Oh I love shopping at the Farmers Markets here in the Nashville area. So many great fruits and veggies to choose from! We are big Bonanza fans so I would vote that way!

  4. Christian Liddeke says:

    Love all the entertainment options when living in a college town! I’m sure it will be a big change of pace from what you all have been used to as all the students move in. …also would like to put in a vote for the Beatles lunchbox although that is soberingly expensive.

    Sorry I won’t be down to see you all this weekend. I did appreciate your soap box speech on cheap T-shirts though and I look forward to reading more of these and seeing you all soon!

  5. Brad says:

    Looks like you are living the dream. My dream retirement place is a small town like Fayetteville. I can’t wait to visit you. However, I am sad that I won’t get to see your buried water line in person. It really looks like a very nice water line, and I’m sure you and Randy are proud of it. Thanks for that picture!:)


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