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Well wonderful people, it was a fabulous weekend of art shows, good food and blue baby boots.  Let’s start with the boots, shall we?  This is my first try at working on leather baby boots.  They are done in blue and gold leather for a future University of Kansas fan.  I sure think I can improve on my pattern, but that is fun for me!  Here are the pictures:

Baby Boots

Baby Boots

Baby shoes are a bit difficult for me due to their small size.

After baby shoes, I headed over to Fayetteville to look at tile and exterior paint colors.  Haven’t picked the field tile yet, but the colors are set.  Another “to do” comes off the list.  I spent the rest of the day with my sister and her husband.  My brother in law is an oil painter and he was getting ready for a show.  While he got ready, my sister and I cooked for the show.  When I say “we”, I really mean “she” cooked.  I kept her company and dipped strawberries into chocolate.  That is my kind of cooking!  MJ made some delicious southwest corn, chili and pecan dip.  It was fabulous.  I found a similar recipe here.  “We” also made a cake and some peanut butter cookies.

After “we” cooked up a storm, we headed out to the show, which was held at a space called LaLaLand.  Guys, I could not make that up!  The show was completely packed with people.  Ray was sharing the show with Mia Buonaiuto.  Her art was stunning!  The crowd was a great mix of young and “young at heart”.  Music was provided by a lovely musician named Candy Lee.  I really enjoyed her music.  The absolute star of the show was Sophia, the youngest subject that Ray painted this semester.  She was even asked for her autograph!  Well, enough said, here are the pictures.

My brother James with his portrait

My brother James with his portrait

Girl with Bow aka Sophia

Girl with Bow
aka Sophia

Ray's former English teacher with his college roomate from long ago

Ray’s former English teacher with his college roomate from long ago

Ray, the artist

Ray, the artist

photos are from Shelley Buonaiuto, James Willett and Ray Parker

In addition to all the people I did not know at the show, I got to spend time with 3 of my 5 siblings.  That was nice!  I met so many interesting folks and am looking forward to being in Fayetteville permanently.

Today I embroidered a piece of handmade, hand dyed felted wool.  I made it into a small pouch.  It was a fun project.

small wool bag

small wool bag

I will try and develop tutorials for both the boots and the wool bag.  However, it might be a while before I get back to similar projects.  I also need to get pictures of the house renovation taken and posted.  Unfortunately, except for the new deck, windows and doors, there isn’t much that is photo worthy.  Somehow, pictures of insulation in the wall just doesn’t do it for me.  Oh well, LIFE IS GOOD!

As always, please leave comments!

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3 Responses to Art Shows, Good Food, Baby Boots. Life is good.

  1. Emily says:

    Holy cow–that portrait of Uncle James is so good!

    Also, the southwest corn, chili and pecan dip sounds delicious and I would like some righhhhht now please. And thank you.

  2. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    You told me you had made some “booties”, but I thought you had knitted them. Which is really odd since I’ve never known you to knit anything – or at least recently. You and Ray are both very talented and I agree with Emily that James’ portrait is amazing!!

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