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In case you were wondering “where in the world is Cathy?”, I will enlighten you.  First, I am alive and well but my computer has been in the Apple hospital.  Some people think I gave up my computer for Lent and in hindsight, that would have been so smart!  After a month of going back […] Read more...

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Randy finished his classes last Thursday, so we headed to Little Rock for Ray Parker’s Art show opening.  It was held at the Historic Arkansas Museum in conjunction with the 11th annual NOG Off competition.  On the trip down, Randy and I stopped at Wiederkehr Village for lunch.  We didn’t order any wine, but the […] Read more...

TAGS: Capital Hotel, Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, Little Rock Nine, Old Statehouse, Ray Parker, State Capitol

My daughter, Emily, recently went to Lubbock Texas.  Her organization, in conjunction with Texas Tech, hosted a conference on arid and semi arid land.  Seemed like a pretty fitting topic for west Texas.  Here is the link to the conference.  Her grandfather Willett, grew up about an hour away in Amherst Texas.  Emily grew up […] Read more...

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