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We are continuing to survive our first ice and snow storm here in Fayetteville.  The storm started last Thursday with an inch of ice and then continued into Friday with 7 inches of snow.  It was beautiful but we are so over it!  Here is what I have learned:

  • Fayetteville does not clear the roads.  Of course, with all the hills, that is pretty understandable
  • Boots, hats, down coats and thermal underwear are needed when cabin fever hits
  • My sister gets cabin fever a full day before I do
  • Restaurants stay closed during winter storms
  • I get tired of my own cooking pretty quickly
  • It is scarier to walk down an icy hill than it is to walk up that hill.
  • Walking up an icy hill is very scary
  • People are nicer when there is 7″ inches of snow on the ground
  • Parking rules are not enforced during snow events

So to recap, the snow is beautiful even if the roads are not passable.  Hills grow exponentially steeper during ice events.  Check out the pictures:



MJ's house in snow!

MJ’s house in snow!

Since I haven’t been able to get to the shop in 4 days, I have been doing small leather projects.  I have cut and hand sewed several wallets, a couple of wine carriers and a few coffee cup sleeves.  To say that my thumb is sore would be an understatement!

I am hoping the roads start to clear soon and we can go out to eat!  There is only so much chili one can eat and only so many football games one can watch.  The good news is that OU beat OSU in the Bedlam game.

In other news, my daughter sent this picture from a recent museum trip in Missouri.  This is so Emily!

Emily playing in Saint Louis

Emily playing in Saint Louis


Well friends, stay warm and eat chili!

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4 Responses to Things I have learned about Fayetteville during the snow storm!

  1. mj says:

    Amen sister! I’m going to have to get out today. Besides serious cabin fever, the cupboards are bare! I love the picture of Emily.

  2. James says:

    Did I say “Welcome to Northwest Arkansas”?

  3. Amanda says:

    Your snow is prettier than mine! Hope you are staying warm 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    That all looks so pretty! And I totally agree, I was smiling at people like a crazy person yesterday walking down the street when it was lightly snowing here.

    Also, I highly recommend a human-sized hamster wheel. Endless fun. And maybe some exercise? I need to get me one…

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