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Well, let’s just say that this morning has been interesting.  I could use other adjectives but interesting seemed safe.  While I was working on my Friday post, I ran into technical issues.  Some might call them operator (me) errors but whatever.  I decided to step away from the computer and focus my attention elsewhere.  Randy and I have both had a parent die in the last year.  When that happens, you end of with “stuff” lying around.  In our case, a lot of stuff.  So I went to my desk, sewing room, dining room table and took a good look around.  At that point I realized I needed another cup of coffee before proceeding!

Two pots of coffee and three trips to the liquor cabinet and I am ready to try this again.  One of the first things I found was my second grade report card.  How bad could it be?  Well let’s just take a look, shall we?  Oh, I might add that this would be the year BEFORE I got kicked out of the school.

Okay, feeling pretty good about the first page!  Sister Cyrene spelled my name correctly, so let’s proceed.

This second page gets just a bit more interesting.  Obviously the Christian Doctrine “A” shows that I definitely knew the difference between a venial sin and a mortal one.  Also, I seem to be excelling in Reading, Language, Spelling and Number Work.  We might call that Reading, Writing and Arithmetic now, also known as the three “R’s” (?) of education.  If we look a little closer we can see that, quite frankly, Handwriting, Music and Art were not my strong points.  I remember music in Catholic school and I remember handwriting (also some hand wringing) but for the life of me, I don’t think we had art.  So, I did poorly in a subject I didn’t even study!  What is interesting is that I still struggle (though not often) with all three subjects that gave me grief in second grade.  Once again, I think going into the science field (see post) was predestined.

Okay, moving on to page 3 of  report card:

Again, what you are in second grade is a great indicator of life long traits.  Just take a look at my Conduct and my Personal Qualities grades.  Yep, that pretty much sums me up.  I needed improvement (says the √ mark) and for the life of those nuns, it really wasn’t forthcoming!  I can barely use obedience in a sentence, much less actually practice it.  Here, let me try:

“Catherine Jane, obediently, pays the IRS all taxes owed.”  Yeah, I did it!  I also still have problems with following rules, mainly the stupid ones.

The good news is that I still exceed in EFFORT and WORK-STUDY HABITS.  Hence the reason I have been able to pay those taxes.

Now let’s take a look at that attendance record, shall we?  It certainly looks suspicious to me.  However, because of the aforementioned CONDUCT and PERSONAL QUALITIES, I spent lots and lots and lots of time in the COAT CLOSET doing detention.  When one is in detention, one does a lot of thinking.  Of course, someone in detention is supposed to think of the bad conduct they had practiced and how to improve said conduct.  Not so much for me.  No, I spent the time figuring out how I could commit a mortal sin by murdering those nuns.  Okay, that might be a bit melodramatic.  It is not noted in my report card, but I also had an active imagination and still do!  So, when I would run away from school during lunch time, I am sure my mother figured it was better to keep me home than to let me go to hell.

Let’s move on, again, shall we?  Page 4 is kind of weak, but I have something to say about it as well.  Take a look:

Dear, dear (read evil) Sister Cyrene says I am VERY ready for third grade.  Truth be known, she would have sent me on no matter if I was failing second grade.

I was THAT child.


THE END (for now)

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