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Well continuing our autumn road trips, we headed east to the Buffalo National River area.  You can read all about this National River here.  We drove a southern route through a beautiful area that was devoid of people and cars.  We headed to Jasper for lunch and ran into 30-40 Porsches parked around the square.  It was the 28th annual North Texas Porsche Club tour of the Ozarks.  Those cars were gorgeous!  After lunch we headed to Ponca, Lost Valley and ended up at the Steel Creek Campground.  The trees were beautiful, the river was gorgeous and the bluffs were the icing on the cake.  Here are some pictures:

Buffalo National River

Buffalo National River

Steel Creek Campground on the Buffalo River.

Steel Creek Campground on the Buffalo River.

Middle Ordovician Everton Formation - I think

Middle Ordovician Everton Formation – I think

Buffalo River at Steel Creek

Buffalo River at Steel Creek

As we were heading towards home, we found out that Randy’s Corvette would be delivered in two days.  The car had been at the “CAR DOCTOR” for 15 months.  Here is the car right after it got delivered:

Randy's '62

Randy’s ’62

The Red Corvette

The Red Corvette

I have always referred to this car as Randy’s FIRST Mid-life crisis purchase.  We have owned it since the kids were toddlers.  Randy had to add seat belts back then in order to load the preschoolers in the car for Saturday morning breakfast runs!  During the 15 months the car was being worked on, it got new leather seats, refurbished carpet and LOTS of nuts and bolts type work.  In fact, Randy got a bag of bolts that showed the wear and tear of 50 years of driving!  Welcome home red!

Yesterday was the LSU-Arkansas game, played here in Fayetteville.  The weather forecast was so dismal that my sister and her husband decided not to attend.  Well, James jumped at the chance to use their tickets and Randy joined him.  They were dressed in 100 layers, heat packs in their pockets and money for hot chocolate.  I dropped them fairly close to the stadium and wished them luck.  Well, they must be good luck charms for the Razorbacks as we won!  WPS!

Take a look at my unusually pudgy guys:

The Razorbacks "Good Luck Charms" headed to the Arkansas-LSU game

The Razorbacks “Good Luck Charms” headed to the Arkansas-LSU game

They definitely enjoyed the game and the whole town was on Dickson street after the game celebrating the win.  Suffice it to say it was a LOUD night.  Today we hibernated in the house while it sleeted and snowed outside!  Hope it is warmer where you are!

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5 Responses to Nuts and Bolts!

  1. Charlotte says:

    We’re pretty happy in KC since the Chiefs won yesterday! I actually watched the entire game. The Corvette looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Christine says:

    WOW! Those two men of yours are pretty darn tough. I wouldn’t do it. Not me, no way. And snow? I realize the entire nation just went through an enormous cold wave, but Arkansas? Seriously? What is going on out there with this weather? I thought I’d run away from home and come stay the winter with you, but no more. (Lucky you Cathy! The horrid weather just saved you from being stuck with your niece for four months)! YOUR corvette looks beautiful! New leather! Totally luxurious. And the license plate – a keeper. How did Randy get that number? Obviously the car is from 1966 but there must be others in AR and I thought there could only be one single plate in the state with that number? Did you know in advance that you would be meeting up with the Texas Northern what-do-you-call-it 28th Annual Corvette Tour? AND, do you know the history behind the name of Middle Ordovician Everton Formation? Ordovician is a kinda strange name. Latin? Gosh do I wish I had taken Latin way back in school! Anyway, the river looks beautiful. I would have been happy to be out there for hours rock hunting in the water! Being landlocked I hardly ever get to go looking for shells so rocks it is. May I ask a favor? Any little itty bitty one or two inch leather scraps that you might have? I can incorporate them into my needlework…See you on Friday. Happy Trails!

    • catherine says:

      1879; after the Ordovices (plural) (< Latin) an ancient British tribe in N Wales, where rocks characterizing the period were found; Hey Christine, this is what I found on the origin. Would have been happy to bring leather scraps but unfortunately, I was already in KC when I read that. I will look in the back of the car, never know!

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