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Mom and my aunt

Mom and my aunt

Mother’s Day has come and gone.  We are still packing for the move and not getting much of anything else done.  But this time of year I tend to think of my mom, Patsy.  Between Mother’s Day and May 18th, her birthday, my thoughts simply turn in this direction.  You will recognize this picture as Mabel & Jean, but in reality, it is my mom, on the left, and my aunt!  My mom died 27 years ago at the young age of 60.  When I think of her, it is with very fond, yet distant memories.  My mom could be a force to be reckoned with!  She was a tiny, tenacious Texas woman.  She always found the best in people and they gravitated towards her.  I miss her.  Here are some pictures for you to peruse.



Engagement Party

Engagement Party

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portrait

Young Mom

Young Mom

My mom raised 6 children and I have to say we turned out pretty well!  That is not to say there weren’t times when “hell” seemed to break loose.  When you go see the movie AUGUST, OSAGE COUNTY, you might just see shades of our life in there.  I have only seen the play, which was written by Tracy Letts of Tulsa and was filmed in my hometown of Pawhuska and the surrounding area.  It is definitely not a “feel good” movie.  You can check out the trailer here.

Mom, just thinking about you on Mother’s day.

All in all though, life is good, things are getting packed and the blog is getting written!  If I am absent next week, you will know the move didn’t go well!

Thanks for being here and as always, leave comments!

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10 Responses to Mother’s Day and Moving!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Loved your tribute to Aunt Patsy!! She and I had so many laughs together!
    I miss her and my sweet momma so much!
    They were full of laughter, sweetness, strength and integrity! And love!
    I can’t wait to see that movie! And I can’t wait to see your place! Happy Retirement!!!

    • catherine says:

      Thanks Kathleen. They were fabulous women for certain. Hopefully the house will be done in a month or so and we can get settled! Until then, HELLO Motel!

  2. Emily says:

    I love you! Good job getting a blog post written on Mother’s Day AND on a major packing day.
    I hope tomorrow goes well, and in just a few weeks time you all can start getting settled in. August, Osage County does indeed look good (or well, I want to see it when it comes out).

  3. Richard and Kathleen says:

    We only knew Patsy for a short period of time and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for sharing the pictures and allowing us to know her a little bit more.

  4. Pat Young says:

    I so enjoyed seeing these pics of Patsy. I remember her well and with the fondest feelings. She is buried not far from D J. So I always visit her when I visit my brother. The card games, cookouts and swimming are all memories I treasure between your family and mine. And I have to say I can see all of you sisters in her looks.. Was that aunt Patty?

    • catherine says:

      That is Aunt Diddle Dee! Her actual name is Mary Elizabeth and she was mom’s sister. I didn’t know her real name for years and years! My mom called her Didoo!
      She was a fabulous lady in her own right and also a tenacious Texas woman!

  5. Christine says:

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day tribute! I think you resemble your aunt Diddle Dee quite a bit. I send a salute to tenacious Texas women and mothers!

  6. mj says:

    Ben must agree with Christine. He posted:
    “Uncanny how the picture captioned “mom and my aunt” looks like MY mom and MY aunt, respectively.”

  7. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    Cathy, I always thought you resembled your dad, but you really do favor your mom. What a lovely Mother’s Day tribute – you are a daughter any mother would be proud of!! I’m also amazed you wrote a blog when you have so much stuff going on. I love you and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Oh, yes, and your husband, too 🙂

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