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Well, good morning all 3 readers of my blog.  So sorry for the silence last week.  I was busy, cranky and without any words.  This week, things are looking up!  Let’s start with FOOT:

For my online shoe class, we had to make a sole design for our pattern.  This one is the 51st one I submitted and Marcell thinks it might work.  I am taking that to the bank and saying IT WILL work.  You can see the assignment on this post, it should have been easy but it only took 8 days to get an approval!

Next up, I have been working with the leather again.  Nothing new with that, but I will have a few new items in the shop sometime this week!  Here is a sneak peek:

Ostrich embossed leather tote

Brown Leather Clutch with Tundra Sheep

Black Leather Clutch with Red Leather Flower

Leather Credit Card Case

Navy Leather Credit Card Case

Let’s take a small commercial break at this point!  Here are Randy and Patrick enjoying Dad’s Day at OU last week:

Brought to you by Shiner Bock! NOT

Love these guys…

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled blog post:

Ostrich Embossed Leather Clutch

EAST WEST Leather Clutch with Tundra Sheep

Well that is the end of the LEATHER preview.  English teachers out there (you know who you are) please stand down.  I know the title should have been Foot, Clutches and Wallets.  I really liked it without punctuation and it is my blog.

I will do a Thanksgiving post later this week.  We will be visiting with Randy’s family and our three children.  I am beyond excited.  Of course, that means I am really excited by not having to cook for 6 days, but I am also thrilled to see everyone also.

I think I will leave you with a couple of couple’s pictures.  The 4 of them will be spending Thanksgiving day with us!


Murder Mystery Party – Check out the time on the clock.

Okay, the is the end for now.  Happy Thanksgiving Week.

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6 Responses to Foot Clutches Wallets!

  1. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    Okay, I think the purses are awesome. Especially the clutches with the fold overs out of different materials. What about offering custom purses? People could tell you what they want. You’d show the different styles and material and they could mix and match stuff.

    I am so excited for this week, too!!!!

  2. catherine says:

    See you soon. Yes custom would work but I am not there yet.

  3. Emily says:

    Alright, I really love both the ostrich clutch and the mixed flap/body clutches!!

  4. mj says:

    I saw all the purses in person tonight and they are amazing!! And PS to Emily: you are the cutest maid ever!

  5. Beth says:

    You need to get those items in the shop ASAP! I need that tote and a clutch. You are so talented.

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