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Well, we are still enjoying a vagabond life.  We spent Memorial Day weekend in Kansas City.  Visited with Randy’s sister, her two sons and Randy’s brother and sister in law.  It was all so lovely.  We always try to stay on the Plaza and have a favorite hotel there!  While we were there, Randy hosted a gathering of people that he worked with in high school.  They all worked in the movie theaters in downtown Kansas City.  Here are a few shots of that outing:

DAVE!  A Theater Guy

DAVE! A Theater Guy

The Theater Girls and Randy's Sister

The Theater Girls and Randy’s Sister

The Theater Guys

The Theater Guys

We generally see his friends yearly, usually around 4th of July, so this was a bonus get together!  It was great fun, the weather was perfect and outside eating is always fun, especially when you can get skillet cornbread.

After we left Kansas City, we headed back to Big Cedar Lodge.  On the way, we stopped in Branson for a few hours to shop and eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant there.  Again, weather was ideal and I took a quick picture of Lake Taneycomo.



Well, moving on after a few days at Big Cedar Lodge, we headed back to Fayetteville for the weekend.  At last, things seem to be moving on the house remodel.  The house is painted on the outside and new wood floors installed inside.  Yippee!  Here is a picture of the rear of the house before and after:

Back of house before

Back of house before

And now the “AFTER”.

After back of house

After back of house

We also made a quick trip to Eureka Springs:

Eureka Springs, AR

Eureka Springs, AR

I went to a “Handmade Clothing” company named Regalia.  Here is the link.  I tried on quite a few jackets and found one I really liked.  Those of you that know me, understand my dislike for “throwaway” clothes.  I always think of the people that probably made 2 pennies sewing those cheap garments.  Suffice it to say, we will probably head back to Eureka Springs Tuesday so I can order my jacket.  I am thinking it would be great for a wedding I am attending later this summer.  After that, I can wear it for years and years!  Remember my first post about my style?  If not, check it out here.  Regalia clothing has my name written all over it!

Well, we are headed back to Big Cedar Lodge for 5 days and then hope to be back in Fayetteville for good.  Whether the house will be ready for us is another question!  I will try to get some more before and after pictures posted soon.  Take care and don’t forget to comment!

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5 Responses to Continuing our Vagabond Life

  1. James says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time spent in many locations. Great pictures. Have fun, again, at Big Cedar

  2. Emily says:

    Love how the house is turning out! Can’t wait to see it, and you all, in a few weeks!

  3. mj says:

    The pictures of the house “before and after” are amazing!!

  4. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    I love the paint colors! The house looks great! Please keep the before and after pictures coming – it is amazing the vision you all had.

  5. catherine says:

    Not sure it was a vision! More of a “get her done” thing! 🙂

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