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Well, well, well it is Monday and all I have for you are some bits of information, some pieces of data and some problems with my idioms!  Why yes, you can leave now.  My feelings will not be hurt.  Okay, for those of you that stayed, here is a house update:

Carport in progress

Carport in progress

This is the only new picture of the house.  Apparently the carport is being built and it looks good.  In other house news, we should have the windows delivered this week!  They are Brick RED and I am very excited.

I have 9 working days left before I retire.  Do not know how I feel about the retirement part yet, but ready to leave the empty workplace behind.  The only good thing about the last few weeks has been the abundance of parking in the garage.  My sleep has been disturbed, however, by waking up with solutions to problems that only my subconscious knew about.  Who knew that I was concerned about how to get a tax ID number for Arkansas?  Apparently only my brain knew.

Now, let’s move to idioms.  I am going to start by defining the term so we will ALL be on the same page.

A group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., raining cats and…)

Additionally, you can find some interesting information on idioms from other countries here.

Now here is the reason that idioms have been on my (overtaxed) brain.  The POPE resigned.  Back in the day I would say that something would happen when “it snowed in July”.  Well, when I lived in Wyoming it did in fact snow on July 4th.  Needing to find a new signature** idiom I moved on to “When the POPE resigns”.  I mean seriously, it had been 700 years so I figured I was safe.  Well, no.  So now I need a new idiom to use.  I have crossed off “When hell freezes over” because it just might if I say it.  I crossed off “When pigs fly” because with my luck there would be a flying pig in my backyard tomorrow.  So, would you please pick a new one for me?  That way I won’t be responsible for the “month of Sundays” which will happen if I do it.  Sheesh, my brain sure is cluttered.

Changing directions, Randy and I both celebrated birthdays recently.  The exciting thing about that is we went out for wonderful restaurant meals that included desert.  We are so spoiled!

I had planned a weekend of bag cutting and sewing but it did not happen.  The living room and dining room looked so beautiful without all my bag making clutter.  I just could not bring myself to mess that up.  Perhaps later this week or next weekend I will pull out all the machines, cutters, leather, magnets etc, but for now, it is still put away.

Other things on my mind include:

  1. finishing my sewing retreat top
  2. checking into insurance stuff
  3. figuring out the mysteries of life
  4. sending in my Block Ave Block Party information
  5. anything else my mind thinks of while I sleep

Okay that is enough rambling for one person until “money grows on trees“!!!!

Leave comments if you like me!

Wait, wait maybe my new saying could be “when Randy leaves a comment on my blog” ????

**A SIGNATURE idiom is similar to a signature cocktail at a wedding!

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5 Responses to Bits, Pieces and Idioms. AKA What is on Cathy’s mind?

  1. James says:

    Cathy, try to load this link. It is to the state of Arkansas. It should take you to a special events sales tax reporting form.

    Good luck

  2. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    Okay, I’ll think about an idiom for you, but I think Nicholas will have better luck so I’ll mention it to him. I don’t have an idiom I use, but frequently at work, during meetings, I think “It’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”
    I am living vicariously through you – nine more days of work!! I would be dancing around here – easy for me to say, but I could also have that concern of an unknown future. Or known future, but just not sure how it’s going to feel. Thanks for starting my Monday on a funny, pleasant note!!

  3. Carol says:

    Interesting that you mention a signature cocktail at a wedding. I hadn’t heard of such a thing until last night when Austin & Emily informed us that they will have one at their wedding. All I know is that it will include vodka, and by then I figure I’ll need a drink, so count me in!

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