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Last weekend was Bikes, Blues and BBQ!  It started out slowly but then quickly grew.  I have heard there were 250,000 to 400,000 people in attendance.  Here are some pics:

Starting out slow

Starting out slow

The Scooter Gang shows up to mingle with the bikers!




Starting to heat up






Pretty Bikes

Pretty Bikes


Great shot of Dickson Street



Just having fun.

Just having fun

This was an interesting festival.  The bikes were only out numbered by the T-shirt vendors.  This was also a very loud festival.  There was a whole lot of “what?, I can’t hear you” going on.  My favorite memory was the three people that stopped their bikes in front of our house and changed clothes!  Hello!

Sunday morning, volunteers from different organizations scattered out to clean up the streets.  My faith in goodness was restored as all the trash in our yard and street went bye bye.  All in all, Bikes, Blues and BBQ lived up to its billing as an amazing festival full of wonderful bikers.  Randy and I are going to get t-shirts that say “we survived BB&BBQ 2013”.


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5 Responses to Bikes, Blues and BBQ!

  1. Charlotte Liddeke says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting your blog and the pictures!! I think I would have had to wear ear plugs all weekend. If you decide to have a booth next year let me know and I’ll help you work it – with my ear plugs in, of course.

  2. catherine says:

    Yep, ear plugs were essential! Talk soon.

  3. Christian Liddeke says:

    My boss and a coworker were actually down there for that and had a blast! Didn’t realize what a huge festival that is but that’s really awesome you all have such an upfront view of everything that’s going on. Guess you’ll have to set up some kind of hot dog stand to make some money next year 😉

    Hope everything else is going well! I heard nothing but good things about your house from my mom and brother so I sure hope to see it soon.

  4. mj says:

    I’m in with Charlotte to have a booth next year!!

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