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Okay friends, I have a whole lot of nothing to tell you!  Well, the weather went from cold and snow to warmer with rain.  The only good thing about the rain was that we needed it and it wasn’t a thunderstorm.   Luckily, today was an absolutely beautiful day as in seventy degrees, clear sky, no wind and lots of sunshine.  Early in the afternoon we watched the Arkansas and Thunder basketball games but then went out and did a bit of yard work.

Moving on, we went to Tulsa last weekend.  Suffice it to say we had a wonderful time and ate very, very well. While we were there, we went to the NatureWorks Wildlife Art Show and Sale.  This show has been held for around 25 years and we have only missed going one time.  It is one of our favorite shows.  You can read more about the organization here.  Make sure you check out the “monuments” page.  NatureWorks has placed amazing bronze monuments all over Tulsa.  James and Patrick joined us at the show.  I think they enjoyed it.  We also ran into several friends of mine from the Petrohawk days.  Okay, here is the only picture:

NatureWorks show

NatureWorks show

We also got to visit with Matthew Higginbotham, an artist from Sante Fe.  We own two of his pieces and just really enjoyed seeing his latest art.  You can check out his website here.

We had a steady rain coming down Saturday during the Saint Patrick’s day parade.  I did not get pictures, but you can check out last year’s parade here.  My brother, Pat and his wife, Carol were in Bella Vista visiting my sister Liz.  We were able to meet up with them for dinner Saturday night and a good time was had by all.  The food was excellent too.

I had two orders last week for leather bags.  Here is the brown one, which is going to Cincinnati:

Brown Tote

Brown Tote

The second bag is still being made!  It will be a very large, black tote for a lady here in Fayetteville.  These are the first sales since Four-Legged Bird closed their doors.  I miss them.

Well, as I said, this post is about a whole lot of nothing!  Hope everyone is as excited as we are that spring is almost here!  Randy has another week of class before spring break.  This semester has flown by!

Okay, that is all from me.


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